Sponsorship Sales and Naming Rights

Philliou Partners is leading the way in sponsorship consulting, naming rights, valuation, measurement and strategy in the U.S.A., Canada and Brazil.

Sponsorship Consulting

Our specialty is developing sponsorship opportunities for property owners with prominent financial services companies worldwide.

We match insurance companies, credit card networks and banks with world class properties. Our property clients consist of hotel/casino properties, sport stadiums and mall properties.

We serve as the broker between both sides of the equation, ensuring that both parties are given the best financial opportunities and maximize their full business potential today and in the future.


Sucess Stories

Sponsors come to us to for strategic insight and planning while properties look to us for revenue growth and sustainability.

How We Help Sponsors

Whether it’s measuring the ROI, optimizing the activation strategy, determining the fair market value of partnerships, selecting the best opportunities – getting sponsorship right requires a unique blend of expertise, knowledge and fresh thinking that Philliou Partners brings to the table. We ask the hard questions that get improved success and results – What processes are working and what processes are not? How can we make them better? What’s the current ROI and what should it be? Are we selecting the right assets to sponsor – why/why not?

How We Help Properties

Philliou Partners uses a multi-tiered approach that uses pricing, packaging, and sales strategies that provide properties with the right, customized solution for each individual property – ranging from small to large. We have helped clients increases revenues by more than 30 and 40% using such techniques – finding hidden marketable assets, revising sponsorship levels so they are adjusted to market needs, adjusting fees to fair market value, as well as drafting and negotiating contracts from a position of expertise and neutrality.